15 Basic Items for Hiking in 2018 | Basic Kit for Hiking 💡

If you’re always out and about doing all sorts of adventures, you must have this hiking gear. Some people are asking me about hiking:

– What sort of gear do you take when you go hiking over night camping? – What do you need, what do you actually take when you go?

I’ve selected 15 items, that I consider is the basic kit things that you should be taking if you go on hikingtent for hiking

Number one – is your tent. It might be for one two three or more people, maybe three seasons, four season – it all depends on what sort of conditions you’re going to be.

Number two is some sort of isolating mat. It main function – not only to give you some hiking matcomfort against the hard ground, underneath your sleeping bag, but also to protect you from cold and humidity coming from the ground.

Number three is your sleeping bag. Make sure that the temperature rating of your sleeping bag is adequate to the temperatures, that you’re going to be facing. Consider, that a nighttime the temperature can drop quite a lot.

Number four is your kitchen. A kitchen kit is really helpful, it must contain:
* Your stove, several models;
* Gas, alcohol multi fuel;
* Your pot;
* Eating utensils.

Number five – food package – breakfast lunch, dinner.food pack for hiking

Number six is water bottles, not only to keep your hydrating during the walk and during the camping, but also tobottle of water for hiking measure water for cooking. They can be used with water purification systems, which is our next item.

Number seven – a filter. You can use water purification tablets, maybe even boil water, but it’s quite important to treat water. You don’t want to get contaminated, especially when you in remote areas.

Number eight is a torch.torch for hikingI personally like headlamps.

Main benefits:
– hands-free walking at night;
– cooking after dark;

It’s very handy, make sure you take spare batteries.

Number nine is a first-aid kit with a multi-tool or a knife. I make sure that this is always on a waterproof bag. I do the same with the rest of my gear.

Number ten is your personal hygiene kit. So this is where your toothpaste, toothbrush is. You might want to personal hygiene kit for hikingtake a small microfiber towel and your toilet paper. Also keep tis stuf in a small dry bag.

Number eleven is your clothing. Just a package of fresh dry warm layers. When the temperature drops – you want to make sure you’re warm and protected and it’s what we’re talking about protection.

Number 12 – rain jacket and rain pants. See when we go outdoors, we are always exposed:rain, winter, wind, snow and so on. You want to make sure you dry and warm. They also give you a lot of protection against the wind.

Number 13 – a map covering the entire area and compass, and ideally some basic orienteering skills as well.

Number 14 is a small pouch with your wallet, phone and keys, and so on. You can also keep copies of small pouch for hikingreservations, like an entry for national park or some sort of ticket for transportation and so on.

Item number 15 – a backpack. Obviously something appropriate for hiking. It must be comfortable and with capacity, big enough for all your gear and maybe a little bit more, so that you don’t have to pack everything, extremely precise. You’ve got a little bit of margin to play around.backpack for hiking

These are pretty much the 15 basic items, that I consider is a basic kit for hiking, staying overnight.

There’s certainly several other accessories, that you can take as well, like trekking poles and sunglasses and the hiking boots as well, which I consider more part of your clothing system.

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