13 Traveling by Train Trip Tips and Rail Travel Guide and Advices

For the scenic traveler, traveling by train will accommodate them much more then any other form of travel.

The fastest and most common use of transportation while overseas would be the train. Trains are generally easy and safe to take however here are some basic tips to ensure that it stays that way.

  1. rail travel tipsAvoid close connections.
  2. Don’t leave luggage unguarded on the train or in the station.
  3. Dress comfortably. Also, bring an extra sweater and comfortable shoes.
  4. Keep your valuables in a concealed money belt when sleeping on trains.
  5. On night trains, secure baggage to the rack with a small bicycle lock.
  6. If you are traveling overnight and need to get rest, plan on getting a sleeper car.
  7. If you will be in need of a sleeper car, be sure to make your reservations WELL in advance.
  8. As with air travel, be prepared to deal with cancellations, delays, and other bumps in the track.
  9. Earplugs can be purchased at any pharmacy and will be invaluable in helping you get a good night’s sleep.
  10. A simple string and bell attached to a backpack in a hostel or on a train will warn when it is moved unexpectedly.
  11. Be sure to read the inside of your ticket jacket for important information regarding reservations, services and bonuses.
  12. A useful security device is a bell, as it can be attached behind doors, in hostels and on trains to warn when unexpected people arrive.
  13. Find out the hours of the dining car and schedule your meals accordingly. If you don’t want to eat onboard, bring some snacks of your own or eat before you board

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