13 Causes of Poulan Pro Chainsaw Not Starting

The vast majority of homes with chainsaws keep them on hand for emergency situations, such as clearing debris after a storm or cutting wood for bonfires.

Due to the chainsaw sits idle for long periods of time, old gas is often to blame for a starting issue, but there’re numerous other causes as well.

Poulan Pro Chainsaws won’t start if the on/off switch is in the off position, the gasoline is stale or the mixture is wrong, the carburetor is dirty, the fuel tank vent is blocked, the spark arrestor is broken, the spark plug is fouled, the ignition coil is corroded, or the engine is flooded.

Take the safety measures outlined in the Poulan Pro chainsaw’s manual before attempting any diagnostic or repair work. If you’re going to use a chainsaw, don’t endanger your safety by neglecting the necessary procedures.

Things that prevent a Poulan Pro chainsaw from starting include:

  • Probably a faulty switch or misconfigured
  • Wasted gasoline
  • Malfunctioning 2-cycle oil mixture
  • Ineffective air filtration due to clogged filter
  • A malfunctioning spark plug
  • Problematic ignition coil
  • An obstruction in the fuel filter
  • Burnt-out starter light bulb
  • Fuel line blockage or leak
  • Gasoline filler tube obstructed
  • Unclean carburetor
  • A poor recoil starter
  • Arrestor of ignition, with a plug
  • Engine flooded
Chainsaw Bar
Chainsaw Bar

Why Won’t a Poulan Pro Chainsaw Start?

A Bad Switch or An Incorrect Setting

If the switch is not in the “on” position, your Poulan Pro chainsaw won’t work. If you find that it is now turned off, simply switch it to the on position.

Check for a broken switch or a defective ground wire if your chainsaw won’t try to start when it is in the on position.

To test the switch, use a multimeter. Fix a broken switch. Substitute or fix a poor ground.

A Poulan Pro Chainsaw with Old Fuel

Eventually, the gas will run out. It doesn’t keep working for very long before degrading and becoming useless. Use the fuel within 30 days to make sure you get the most out of it while it’s still usable.

These days, it’s not uncommon to find an alternate fuel blended into regular gas to reduce environmental impact. The term “ethanol” is commonly used to describe this chemical. It’s made from corn or any other starchy plant.

Although ethanol has environmental benefits, it is not compatible with the Poulan Pro chainsaw‘s little engine.

Ethanol attracts atmospheric moisture and draws it into the fuel system. The ethanol and water combination leaves behind a varnish that might clog the fuel system and cause problems.

Poulan Pro chainsaws require a fuel/oil ratio of 50:1. Fuel should have an octane value of 87 or above and contain no more than 10% ethanol.

Ethanol-heavy gas blends like E15 and E85 should be avoided. Both of these fuels contain ethanol concentrations of up to 85% and 15%.

Empty the chainsaw’s fuel tank and replace the old gas and oil with new. A gasoline additive like Sea Foam Motor Treatment or STA-BIL helps keep the fuel system dry and running smoothly, so I always have some on hand.

An improper 2-cycle oil mixture was used in a Poulan Pro chainsaw.

Poulan Pro chainsaws require a special fuel that is a combination of gas and oil, as was previously mentioned. If you put unleaded gas into the chainsaw’s engine, it could cause damage and require maintenance or even replacement.

Extreme dehydration equals pure explosiveness. An engine could seize up from lack of oil.

Mix the fuel with a high-quality 2-cycle engine oil, such as an oil that meets or exceeds the specifications set out by ISO-L-EGD and JASO M345 FD.

Ethanol-free gas

To get the most out of your Poulan Pro chainsaw, it’s worth spending the extra money on fuel that doesn’t include ethanol. Fuel with a 50:1 ratio is commonly sold pre-mixed at hardware stores.

This is a great option to keep on hand to ensure you never run out of fuel, avoid making an unscheduled pit stop, or waste time blending oil into your gas.

Air Filter Plugged Into a Poulan Pro Chainsaw

Protecting the engine of a Poulan Pro chainsaw requires routine replacement of the air filter. The engine is protected from lasting damage caused by dirt and debris thanks to the filter.

If the air filter isn’t changed or cleaned regularly, dirt can build up to the point where it restricts airflow. If the air filter in your Poulan Pro chainsaw is blocked, the machine will not start.

The average homeowner who uses their chainsaw periodically should change the air filter at least once a year and cleanse it multiple times per season. If you use it frequently, you should inspect and cleanse it more frequently.

To keep your engine from overheating and causing damage, check the air filter. This takes no time at all to confirm but can prevent many larger issues from developing.

When working with a chainsaw, a filter should always be in use. It’s tempting to keep working on your Poulan Pro until you can change the air filter, but doing so puts the engine at risk.

How to clean the chainsaw filter on a Poulan Pro:

  • The air filter cover must be removed.
  • To get rid of as much sawdust and grime as you can, wipe the filter’s surrounding area.
  • Take the air filter off.
  • Clean the air filter housing to remove any last bits of dirt and sawdust.
  • The filter should be cleaned in warm, soapy water, then rinsed with cool water until the water is clear.
  • Let the air filter air dry fully.
  • Clean filter reinstalled. If the existing air filter is excessively dirty, damaged, or unable to properly seal, leaving a gap where dirt can past
  • The filter, buy and install a new one.
  • The airs filter cover back on.

A Poulan Pro chainsaw has a bad spark plug.

It is the spark plug’s job to create the spark that kickstarts and keeps the chainsaw running. It may have to be substituted as often as once every month for heavy users. As a general rule, once a year is sufficient for the average user to replace.

If the spark plug is unclean, the engine may not start or run efficiently. It’s important to check the spark plug for signs of carbon buildup and remove it with a wire brush before you have to substitute it.

If a spark plug has become too black, the electrode has been burned, or the porcelain has been broken, it has to be changed. When using a Poulan Pro, make sure you follow their guidelines for properly connecting the wire to the spark plug and setting the gap.

An issue with the Poulan Pro chainsaw’s ignition coil

Check the ignition coil if you have a decent spark plug but are still not obtaining spark. The ignition coil’s winding may detach and short out.

The spark plug won’t receive the voltage necessary to produce a spark in this situation. Your Poulan Pro chainsaw won’t start as a result of this.

Detect a defective ignition coil by using an ohmmeter to look for continuity issues. If you discover a break, substitute the ignition coil.

Fuel Filter Plugged in a Poulan Pro Chainsaw

Like an air filter, a fuel filter keeps debris like dirt and grit out of the engine’s fuel supply, where it would otherwise accelerate wear.

You can locate the fuel filter for your Poulan Pro chainsaw where the fuel is stored. It’s attached to the gasoline line’s end to act as a strainer before the fuel enters the line.

Infrequent filter changes or the use of dirty fuel restrict fuel flow through the filter, reducing engine performance.

A low gasoline level can make your Poulan Pro difficult to start and cause it to function poorly. When using a chainsaw often, the fuel filter should be changed annually.

Changing the fuel filter on a Poulan Pro Chainsaw:

  • Be sure to clean the area around the gasoline cap before removing it to keep debris from entering the tank.
  • Taking off the gasoline cap.
  • Hook the fuel line with a clean, bent wire, and then remove the fuel filter from the tank.
  • Pull the filter out of the gasoline line while holding the fuel line firmly in place with one hand (needle nose pliers may be useful for this).
  • By placing the male end of a new gasoline filter into the fuel line and making sure it is firmly in place, you can install it.
  • Reinstall the gasoline cap after placing the filter in the fuel tank.

An issue with a Poulan Pro chainsaw’s primer bulb

Fuel won’t properly flow into a cracked primer bulb that won’t fill up with fuel, which prevents fuel from reaching the carburetor. Substitute a fresh priming bulb.

Fuel Line Clogged or Punctured on a Poulan Pro Chainsaw

Long-term storage of fuel in fuel lines can cause varnish and sticky deposits to form, preventing fuel from flowing.

If you find that your fuel line is clogged, you can attempt to clear it by disengaging the line and then blowing through it with compressed air and cleaning the carburetor.

To remove the blockage, compressed air is forced through the fuel line, and the carburetor cleaners is used to loosen the impediment.

If you aren’t able to remove the blockage or if you find that the gasoline line has been damaged in any way (punctured, broken, or cracked), you should get a new one.

Carburetor of a Poulan Pro Chainsaw is filthy.

The carburetor regulates the mixture of gasoline and air that is sucked into the cylinder before it is ignited. Because of the previous fuel buildup, the carburetor will not function as designed. If this happens, the Poulan Pro might not be able to power on.

If you’re mechanically inclined, you ought to be able to clean your carburetor without too much trouble. Disassemble the carburetor and wash it down with carburetor cleaner.

If the carburetor doesn’t start after being cleaned, you may need to have it rebuilt or substitute it.

Poulan Pro Chainsaw Has a Bad Recoil Starter

Poulan Pro chainsaws have recoil starters that are used to fire up the motor. Damage to the pulley, slack springs, or broken clips can all interfere with the recoil’s ability to do its job.

A new spring or restringing the recoil might help. If your recoil doesn’t work because other pieces of your recoil, such the clips or the pulley, are broken, you’re better off just replacing the recoil assembly.

A chainsaw with a plugged spark arrestor is a Poulan Pro.

An integrated spark arrestor is part of the muffler design. A tiny screen was added to the Poulan Pro chainsaw to prevent the hot exhaust from igniting any combustible dust or debris.

Soot buildup in the spark arrestor can reduce airflow, thus it’s necessary to clean it often. A chainsaw by Poulan Pro cannot be started in this manner.

Take off the muffler’s cover and screen to prevent sparks from flying. Simply touching the screen with a wire will do the trick.

If the mesh spark arrestor screen is too damaged or dusty to clean, it must be replaced. If the safety screen on your Poulan Pro chainsaw is damaged or missing, you should never use the saw.

Poulan Pro Chainsaw Engine Flooded

When the choke is closed and the starter rope has been pulled repeatedly, the engine may flood.

It can also occur when the switch is off, the starter rope is pulled repeatedly, or the primer bulb is pushed excessively.

How to Restore a Poulan Pro Chainsaw’s Flooded Engine

  • Set the switch to “on/run” to turn the light on.
  • Change the choke lever’s position to run or off.
  • Pulling the starter rope repeatedly while depressing the throttle trigger. Starting this can require anywhere from 5 to 15 pulls. First, the chainsaw engine will splutter. It should start after pulling 2-3 more times.