If you’re taking a long or short trip and just want a few tips. Then these general tips will come in handy to make sure that you have everything you hadn’t though of.


13 Helpful Tips for Planning a Trip you’ll love

#1 Take a compilation CD  or ipod with appropriate songs (either words or ‘mood’) for your travel.

tip take swiss knife #2 Always it’s a good idea to take a Swiss knife, it’s a little toolbox, can use it for almost anything.

#3 The silver bags inside wine boxes (mysteriously called ‘bladders’)make good inflatable pillows, and can also store about four litres of water.

#4 Always have a pen in your pocket. You will have numerous forms to fill out; papers to sign and you can use it to quickly jot down a phone number or street name.

#5 Pack items that are seen as novelties such as t-shirts, lollies, and ball point pens as these can be traded for exquisitely carved wooden animals and other crafts with the locals.

#6 A piece of string is invaluable. In emergencies you can use it as a shoelace, belt, hair tie, to attach things to your pack, to connect your wallet to your clothing, or as a clothesline.

tips for long trip#7 Duct tape will repair just about anything. Fix a leaky rain jacket, torn tent or air mattress. Put in your first aid kit wrapped around a container of matches or whatever you are bringing.

#8 Carry a small plastic spray mist bottle filled with essential oil such as lavender or lemon and water. This is handy as an air freshener when staying in older accommodation or in less than fresh surroundings.

#9 For security – if you are standing in a crowded place with a backpack on, ie at traffic lights, or city center then gently move your shoulders and pack from side to side while you stand. You can then feel if anyone is touching your backpack.

atm#10 ATMs are wonderful, but in at-least one city you visit, no amount of prayer or pleading will make your card work. Having a day or two worth of currency can make a difference between an interesting story and being forced to eat and stay in the pricey and touristy places that accept only Visa.

#11 Use your internet e-mail account, which you can access from anywhere around the world, to keep a permanent copy of all your important documents by sending an e-mail to yourself containing your passport number, travel insurance number etc. Or even scan all important documents and send them to yourself as attachments

travel postcards#12 Before leaving home, buy a bulk of postcards and write your name, address, email etc.. On the back, when you meet new people along your travels and want to give them your address, give them one of these. They’re less likely to loose this than a scroungy piece of paper and they’ll always remember who you are and where you’re from.

#13 When going away, take with you lots of stamps from your home country. Then instead of spending lots of money sending individual letters to your friends at home, send them all in a big envelope to your parents or a friend, with the stamps already on them to post within the country. They just then have to pop them in the mail and it saves heaps of money.

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