10 Tips for Staying in Hostels

If you’re looking for a quick place to stay whether you’re on a hick across the state or just need to relax from a long drive. Then staying at a hostel is what you should be looking for while on your travels.

Staying in Hostels usefultips

Staying at hostels is not the same as staying at a 5 star hotel. Here are some tips that can prepare you for what’s in store.

  1. Most hostels will require that you have a sleeping bag or a sheet of some sort.
  2. A simple string and bell attached to a backpack in a hostel or on a train will warn when it is moved unexpectedly.
  3. A useful security device is a bell, as it can be attached behind doors, in hostels and on trains to warn when unexpected people arrive.
  4. If you are planning to cook your own meals while staying in hostels it is a good idea to carry a packet or two of spices They are inexpensive, weigh next to nothing, and are an easy way to make all of your meals a lot tastier.
  5. An eye mask, which you are given on most international flights, can be invaluable for getting some undisturbed sleep on your travels. Use it on long overnight train and bus trips. It is also great in hostels if lights are being turned on and off.


Tips Why Stay at Hostels?

Why Stay at Hostels?

The “experience of hostelling” can be a life-changing experience. The opportunity to travel and experience other cultures and people changes our perspective on the world.

  1. Help you save money so that you can spend it on things more important than where you sleep
  2. Put you in contact both with travelers and locals – make new friends you didn’t know you had
  3. Hostels are for men and woman, old and young, rich and poor – all that matters is that you’re a traveler
  4. Prove that good accommodation doesn’t have to cost $300 a night Can be found anywhere, from big cities to the countryside to teeny islands that don’t even get dots on the map
  5. Give you social and sleeping space, and often have cooking facilities, internet access, info on where you are and what’s around, backpacker tour bookings, maps, informal “libraries”.

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