10 NONSTOP Uses of 20K US Airways Traveling from Charlotte

If you all are anything like me then you love to maximize the value of your points! For US Airways Dividend Miles that means redeeming miles for roundtrip flights at the 20,000 mile mark.  Let’s say you just received your first purchase bonus of 40,000 miles for signing up for The US Airways Premier World MasterCard from Barclays Bank and are curious about what those 40,000 miles can be redeemed for. I put together the list below to help answer just that!

Since you have the The US Airways Premier World MasterCard, it takes just 20,000 miles for a roundtrip ticket rather than the 25,000 it would cost a non-cardholder. Each of the flights below depart from the US Airways hub and my hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina in September 2014 and as of June 16th, 2014 each costs just 20,000 Dividend Miles per ticket. Point redemption values come and go so use your 40,000 point bonus for two tickets and take a break from reality! Scroll down to see the relative value of each award as well!

#1 – Long weekend in San Diego

Head out on flight #470 at 6:15 PM on Friday the 12th and land at SAN by 8:20 PM. Enjoy a nice late dinner, relax for a few days and return Monday night on the redeye flight #579. Be back by Tuesday morning for work!

weekend in san diego


#2 – Weekend getaway in NYC

Catch evening flight #1834 on Friday the 12th to JFK, catch a Broadway show, take in the sights, and catch flight #413 back Monday morning in time for work!


#3 – Spend 10 days in Arizona

Pack your bags and fly out Friday the 5th at 7:59 PM on flight #463 to Phoenix. Rent a car and spend a few nights at a beautiful resort in Scottsdale. Then head over to Sedona and take a hot air balloon ride high above the red rocks. And finally drive over to the Grand Canyon for a few days before heading back to Phoenix to catch an early morning flight on Sunday the 14th. My wife and I took a vacation very similar to this a few years back and it was incredible!


#4 – Take in the National Parks of Utah

Okay this is not technically leaving in September but fly out Friday August 29th on flight #451 at 8:20 PM to Salt Lake City and catch the redeye back the next Friday on flight #448. In the meantime, explore some of the many National Parks that Utah has to offer including Arches, Bryce Canyon, Capital Reef, Canyonlands and Zion National Parks. Park City is also just a short car ride away from SLC!


#5 – Visit Mickey in Orlando

Take flight #747 departing at 7:59 PM on Friday the 12th, spend a small fortune in a few days at Disney World or other local theme parks and head back Wednesday the 17th on flight #786 in the afternoon.


#6 – Visit Chicago

AA Flight #1311 heads to ORD at 1:00 PM Thursday afternoon the 4th. Stroll the big city streets, catch a hilarious improvised comedy show at The Second City, shop on Michigan Avenue and climb to the top of the Willis Tower. Head back Sunday afternoon on AA flight #1432!



#7 – Party in the Big Easy

This would be great for a bachelor party! Flight #1802 takes off at 4:30 PM on Thursday the 4th. Spend your days and nights wandering Bourbon Street and consuming the amazing local cuisine. Then head back Monday evening on flight #1706.


#8 – Live Large in Miami

Hit the beach by early afternoon Wednesday the 10th if you take AA flight #148 departing at 9:30 AM. Live large at Joe’s Stone Crab and party at Story nightclub right around the corner. Enjoy a few days relaxing on the beach and head back Monday evening on flight #499.

miami beach

#9 – Enjoy a few days in Maine

Fly out Monday night the 1st at 5:50 PM on flight #2052, relax at an inn in beautiful York Harbor and prepare to tackle reality when you head back Friday morning on flight #858.


#10 – Last but not least, take in the Pacific Northwest for a week in Seattle

Flight #1845 departs Friday the 19th at 4:25 PM. Watch the fish fly at Pike Place Fish Market, gaze out over the city from the top of the Space Needle, meander along the downtown waterfront, and if you’re feeling crazy head up to Vancouver or even Whistler for a little while! Then catch flight #1818 back on Friday morning.


Relative Values of Each Option:

#1 – Long weekend in San Diego = $475 per person

#2 – Weekend getaway in NYC = $203 per person

#3 – Spend 10 days in Arizona = $485 per person

#4 – Take in the National Parks of Utah = $419 per person

#5 – Visit Mickey in Orlando = $245 per person

#6 – Visit Chicago = $303 per person

#7 – Party in the Big Easy = $317 per person

#8 – Live Large in Miami = $329 per person

#9 – Enjoy a few days in Maine = $269 per person

#10 – Take in the Pacific Northwest for a week in Seattle = $475 per person


Since each flight costs 20,000 Dividend Miles, the flights out west are clearly the better value!

I hope you find this post very useful and as always if you have any questions please leave a comment!

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